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PortaSafe has been designed as a deterrent to theft. The manufacturer/supplier cannot accept any liability for personal injury, property damage or loss.

Using the PortaSafe (continued)
2. Guide the cable around a fixed secure object, for example a water pipe, a railing, a bed frame, part of a vehicle chassis or heavy furniture.
3. Insert the end of the cable into the lock hole (make sure that it goes in all the way) and whilst holding the cable end still in place turn the key to lock it in position - you have just locked the cable and set the alarm. If the alarm sounds then the cable is not fully in the lock hole and you should turn the key back into the unlocked position and push the cable end in the lock hole further before trying again.
4. To test the alarm prior to use turn the key to the locked position without inserting the cable into the lock hole - the alarm siren should sound within a few seconds. If it doesn't then you should change the battery

Replacement Keys: A replacement key service is available. For security reasons, keys will only be issued to users who have proof of purchase and have previously logged their key number with the manufacturer at one of the addresses detailed below, or via the website Once you have registered, in the event of key loss, the manufacturer will endeavor to supply a replacement key (a charge may apply).

Alarm doesn't sound or only makes a "clicking" sound when activated
Check you have a high quality Alkaline battery installed (eg. Duracell or Energizer). Check battery life.
When key is turned with the cable inserted in lock hole the alarm sounds
Ensure cable is inserted all the way into the lock hole. Sometimes, particularly when new, the cable requires gentle force to fit into hole. You may also need to hold cable in lock hole at the same time as turning the key.

Contact us for more troubleshooting hints.
The PortaSafe can be used in a permanent location just like a conventional safe or carried when traveling and secured in a vehicle or in a suitable location at your destination. Simply passing the steel cable around a suitable fixed securing point and locking the cable end in place prevents the safe being opened or removed by unauthorized people.

Installing the Battery
(a) Ensure the PortaSafe is unlocked and the cable end is removed completely from the lock hole in the side of the unit.
(b) Lift the lid and locate the battery cover on the underside of the lid. Using a small cross head screwdriver untighten the screw until the battery cover can be removed.
(c) Gently pull down the battery connector from inside the battery compartment and fit a high quality 9 volt ALKALINE battery
(d) Refit the battery cover by firstly engaging the end without the screw into the slot in the battery compartment at the end closest to the lid hinges. Then gently close the battery cover until the screw locates with the screw hole (if the battery is not fitted correctly then the battery cover may not close properly - ensure battery is fully flat against the top of the battery compartment) and tighten screw fully.
(e) Your PortaSafe is now ready to use. Please now refer to the "Using the PortaSafe" section.

Using the PortaSafe
1. Once you have placed your possessions in the storage compartment of the PortaSafe gently close the lid. Please note: If the storage compartment is too full then the lid may not close fully and you will have to remove or rearrange certain of your items.