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We think along with you
Mulder Vreeswijk's extensive product range has a security product for any situation. Check our online catalogue and if you can't find the perfect product for you, call us at 00 31 6 5142 6544 or send an email to We think along with you!
Custom work - school buildings: Chain7
At this school building the computer caroussel is provided with a Chain 7 security. The best possible security at low cost [custom work]. Although the school building is location in an area considered to be risky and some attempts to break in have been made, nothing has been stolen since. The chains are well-concealed and cannot be seen from the outside.
the USBlock locks your USB
The USBlock is a patented system designed to lock USB connections and prevent authorized usage. Simply click the USBlock in it's place and no software is needed.
SKG destruction tests
.. more than one hour with very heavy tools!
SKG destruction tests
Our SuperSafe was tested ...
SKG destruction tests
The anchor is still in one piece and in it's place, but the steel plate is not ...
Our biggest engraving machine has a capacity of ca. 2000 small SecurityCode plates per 60 hour run. Besides this machine, Mulder Vreeswijk has 3 other machines in different locations. With this capacity we can guarantee FAST delivery of any order size. With our stocks we never give anyone no for an answer. 
This is the Mulder Vreeswijk destruction chamber showing the equipment we use to put our security products to the test. Our motto is: no hardware leaves the building in any condition that is worthwhile for burglars to try and sell it.
In our 80 m2 showroom Mulder Vreeswijk displays approximately 250 different types of hardware security, including SecurityCode, cables, chains, and stainless steel safes. All ranging from Light to Ultra Heavy Duty. We can also demonstrate 70 destruction tests on the various security items. The tests are performed by SKG members, Mulder Vreeswijk technical staff or 'real burglars'. All demonstrations are provided with detailed information.
Cable6 and DELL - a perfect match!
This new Cable6 cable perfectly fits through the standard security holes of DELL computers, which protects them against theft and unauthorized opening.
TFT screen with butterfly anchor
This is what happens if you try to break an Extra Heavy Duty butterfly anchor off a tft screen. The screen casing will crack and parts of it stay attached to the anchor. Your screen will be worthless on the black market.
Cable6 - Custom work for schools
Stainless steel butterfly cable anchors are glued to the pc or monitor using a special two component adhesive. The adhesive is an industrial, impact-resistant product also used to glue the 60 m wings of super-size windmills which are exposed to extremely high and alternating forces. Visit WWW.VESTAS.DE for more information. See the Mulder Vreeswijk mounting instructions for more information on pc coating resistance tests.
Satisfied client
A reaction from a client:  'we are located in such a high-risk neighbourhood that our computers were stolen before we could sell them. We had been examining all kinds of security for weeks. Then we called Mulder Vreeswijk and he solved our problem within 30 minutes. A few hours later all 40 computer systems were provided with ultra heavy duty security at a reasonable price.'
SuperCar Laptop safe
This 3 mm all CrNi stainless steel safe comes with various additional reinforcement devices. It is garanteed to protect against opening inside your car and secured with a Chain10 cable. During the test we applied 2 hours of brute force (no electrical or fire fighting equipment was used). If anyone still succeeds in your car, we'll send you a new free SuperCar Laptop safe.
SecurityCode laptop marking
Removing a SecurityCode laptop marking plate is impossible without seriously damaging the cover.
Removing anchors from PCs
Mulder Vreeswijk butterfly anchors are made of top-class CrNi stainless steel and virtually indestructible. All our security products are self-mountable and provided with step-by-step mounting instructions for a perfect fit. For help contact Mulder Vreeswijk or your local dealer.
Mouse and keyboard security
A special stainless steel CableTrap locks mouse, keyboard and monitors cables.
the KensClip

The alternate solution to chemical mounting

The KensClip perfectly fits the Kensington security opening of a laptop, TFT screen, or KensClip Anchor. The alternative to chemical mounting or the protection of third party equipment.

Total thickness 2.4 mm. It is virtually impossible to remove the KensClip without seriously damaging the equipment (see desctruction tests).

Dealer showrooms
Many Mulder Vreeswijk dealers display our products in their showroom. Look for your local dealer address in the dealer list or visit Mulder Vreeswijk in Nieuwegein, the Netherlands. We would be happy to welcome you.
TFT security
This is an example of TFT security used in a shop.
Shop protection
Mulder Vreeswijk delivers special security systems for shops. They are applied invisibly and do not damage your products. If some high-risk areas however you may want to expose your security systems, anchors, cables and chains to show burglars and prevent damage caused by intrusion.
Preinstalled UniLock security on tft screens
Some suppliers (among which one of the largest hardware suppliers in the Netherlands) deliver their products with Mulder Vreeswijk security preinstalled. This way you can view our post popular security products in your computer store's showroom. As margins on our products are low, this can be considered as a SERVICE. Feel free to ask your local hardware supplier too or see if your supplier is in the official Mulder Vreeswijk dealer list.
Protecting hardware without adhesives
This DELL(c) is provided with a KensClip which fits through the existing security lock at the back of the computer. The perfect solution for any rented hardware. The tft screen is provided with 2 UniLock systems. Combined with the 9 mm cable and padlock this system is in tact, mobile and perfectly protected [custom work].
Chained but still removable, relocatable and replaceable
After having been forced to cancel an investment project in beamers in the past, this company has now protected its products with Chain10 and UHD triangles. Never again a beamer was stolen. The 10 mm chain is welded to a steel beam. Not stylish, but very strong.
Server security
The servers of Dukatenburg Adviesgroep are provided with Mulder Vreeswijk steel cable. The anchor points are 10 mm steel ALSIMA Cable.
Extra Heavy Duty laptop security
The safest security solution for your laptop computer. Extra Heavy Duty butterfly anchors are chemically mounted on the laptop cover and a 9 mm Cable 9 cable will anchor the computer to a fixed point. The butterfly anchors can be mounted anywhere on the laptop. Impossible to cut through the cable without a special cable cutter.
System unit lock
The computer is provided with a Uni-Lock and butterfly anchor. The Uni-Lock lock the computer's system unit at same time providing an anchoring point for the 9 mm Cable9 steel cable. The butterfly anchors are categorized as Heavy Duty burglary prevention.
Permanent marking
The 0.5 SecurityCode/FlexiBrass permanent marking is the perfect protection for small, but valuable equipment like hard-disks, GSMs, cameras, binoculars, microphones, portaphones and dongles. SecurityCode is available in 0.5, 0.75 and 1.4 mm thickness and numerous colours. Visit our website and check out the corporate logo options, text line and sequential numbering options, and free registration of your unique numbers on the internet. 
USBlock Masterkey
This master key clicks the USBlock inside the USB connection. The USBlock cannot be removed without the same key.
Custom work - school buildings

These PCs and monitors are provided with 1 security. 3 PCs are provided with 1 securiy cable (350cm). 2 groups of PCs are provided with 1 High Security Lock. [custom work; 65% per set cost saving] 

MVSKG certificates
SKG* : all cables starting 9.4 mm; all chains; ComputerSafe; CarSafe.
SKG** : Chain7/Chain10 & CarSafe (with special locks)
Server Based Computing SecurityKit
Voor een grote relatie ontworpen. Uitstekende prijs/kwaliteitsverhouding.
MV LaptopSecurityKit Cable6.
The strongest and cheapest laptop security kit consisting of 2 m steel cable with a nett thickness of 5.5 mm. Connection / disconnection of the kit takes ca. 4 seconds.
Any equipment anywhere!
This large-size plasma screen is provided with the UNI-lock system plus 8 mm INOX cable. The UniLock system, consisting of a steel casing with cable holes, is mounted on the screen to replace the screws delivered with the screen. As the steel cable goes through the holes the screws become inaccessible. They could only be removed with brute force, which would  (seriously) damage the screen.
The strongest TFT security
SKG*. Patent pending.
Innovative solutions for I-Mac.
This 2 mm stainless steel construction fits the tft screen support like a glove. A steel tube locks in the entire construction serving as a guide for the security cable. This strong and stylish security was developed in collaboration with the Amsterdam Free University. 
Custom-made CHEAPER than ready-made
With Mulder Vreeswijk custom made products are ALWAYS cheaper than ready-made products. Why? Because usually the lock is the most expensive component in a security set. If you can lock up to 3 PCs with 1 padlock and a longer cable you will save 2 padlocks. This all depends on your risk factors obviously. Call your local dealer for more information. 
PREVENT damage to your premises by warning potential burglars that your hardware is extremely well-protected and it is no use breaking in. You can't miss an ugly sticker like this!
MV Notebook SecurityKit Cable6
Much stronger and 50% cheaper than regular laptop cables.
100 pcs SecurityKit Cable6 'CUSTOMWORK' for PCs ? 2,000 mounting included
In accordance with Aon/Marsh/VNG standards. Additional expenses per TFT € 2.50.
On site inspection and mounting by our service personel.
SKG* Extra Heavy Duty 24 angle butterfly for 'bent' monitors
Mulder Vreeswijk provides angle butterfly anchors for monitors without Kensington hole, pcs or flatscreens with a shape so bent that flat anchors won't hold. EHD 24 angle butterflies have anchor plates at right angles. The anchor is chemically mounted on the strongest part of the hardware: the edge.
Custom-made CHEAPER than ready-made
Padlocks and cable ends are the most expensive components in a security set. With the Mulder Vreeswijk custom approach we aim to provide you with the CHEAPEST and best possible security solution at your current security level. Find out how much our custom-made security  can save you!
Cable3 SecurityKit
Although the Cable3 SecurityKit was originally designed for hospitals, it is also the most perfect security for any small device you would not want to loose. The kit consists of 2 x 3 mm steel cable with a total length of 1.5 m and 1 loop. Perfect for attaching a remote control and alarm clock radio.
Compare these 9 mm padlocks
Compare our padlocks with those of other suppliers. Mulder Vreeswijk delivers American padlocks: bigger, stronger and with a 1 à 3 mm thicker hinge. Deliverable at an extra charge.
ConnectionSafe M2M conceals your pc connections
A large institution for secondary education fequently complained of mouces getting stolen and  computers getting unplugged, until they tried the € 25 ConnectionSafe M2M.
SecurityCode permanent marking and registration options
Challenge us! Mulder Vreeswijk offers permanent marking of ANY text on 0.5 mm FlexiBrass plates. This ultrastrong material is easy to apply, but impossible to remove. Free internet registration.
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TFT KensClip (? 10) the strongest security for desktop pcs
The TFT KensClip completes our range of security clips for hardware provided with PC or Kensington security holes or slots. It is unique, simple and highly effective. Destruction tests have demonstrated that attempts to remove the TFT KensClip by rotating it, will only result in 5 mm scratches in the plastic casing. The use of heavy tools would cause even more damage. The TFT KensClip is available in 4 versions, depending on the type of Kensington hole.
[MV] 2 mm bufferfly anchors at right angles for 9.4 and 12 mm steel cables
In some cases anchors can only be mounted on the edge of your tft or pc, because there is no alternative place. Mulder Vreeswijk provides specific stainless steel SKG** certified butterfly anchors at right angles.
ChainCase6/7-40 Extra Heavy Duty anchor for 6 and 7 mm chains; 2 mm stainless steel
The solution for spaces too small to use a ChainCase6/7-80 40m2. Dull-silver, pearl-blased  adhesive surface.
CableCase12 with the new 12 mm Cable12 steel cable
Adhesive surface of the anchor is 40 cm2. The cable is transparent plasticized cable is thick but remarkably flexible, thanks to its 6 x 9 + 1 composition.
ChainCase6/7-80 Ultra Heavy Duty SKG** certified 2 mm stainless steel
The Mulder Vreeswijk Ultra Heavy Duty dull-silver pearl-blasted ChainChase 6/7-80 for heavy duty purposes.
ChainCase10-40 Ultra Heavy Duty anchor for Chain10; 2 mm stainless steel

The Mulder Vreeswijk Ultra Heavy Duty anchor for Chain10 with an adhesive surface of 40 cm2 is perfect for smaller mounting surfaces. Dull-silver pearl-blasted.

ChainCase6/7-80 2 mm stainless steel [MV] ??with Chain7
SKG*** certified anchor. Dull-silver pearl-blasted.
Desktop SuperSafe M2M Ultra Heavy Duty

Custom-made security cabinets of 3 mm dull-silver pearl-blasted stainless steel. Stylish and strong. The bent front edges protect your pc from being taken out at the front and the 8 mm rod with CabLock 8 protect the back of your pc. The rod is made of silver steel used to manufacture equipment too. Superstrong and indestructable. The CabLock consists of 2 4 mm stainless steel plates locked on the centre rod with the use of 4 special machine screws: a truely unbreakable combination and ultrastrong lock developed by Mulder Vreeswijk. For an almost 100% protection of your Pc and data the silver steel rod of security cabinet can be anchored with a Cable9 HD, Chain7 EHD or Chain10 with SecuBolt UHD class. Your PC and data will remain safe and stay mobile at the same time.

LaptopSafe locked in closed condition. Custom work.
Materiaal: geheel van 3 mm. roestvrij staal!

De safe bestaat uit een grondplaat met, aan de achterzijde en aan de zijkanten achter, opstaande randen. Aan de voorzijde is het middendeel van een opstaande rand voorzien.

De laptop kan zowel in open werkstand als in gesloten toestand afgesloten worden met een centrale 8 mm. staaf van zilverstaal + een dubbelgeborgd High Security hangslot met een gehard-stalen beugel van 9 mm. dik.

Uitnemen van de laptop is net zo gemakkelijk als het overgaan van het vergrendelen in open - naar vergrendelen in gesloten toestand: enkele seconden. U opent het hangslot en neemt het weg.

Het aanzicht in de auto, van buitenaf, is dusdanig sterk dat geen enkele dief met enig verstand een ruitje in zal slaan om te proberen de laptop te stelen.

Die ervaring hebben we ook al een jaar met de CarSafeSuperSafe!!

Aan de achterzijde heeft de Safe openingen voor voeding en Powerpoint presentatie; de CD ROM speler is vrij toegankelijk. De centrale staaf is gemaakt van zilverstaal; een soort gereedschapstaal. Niet te knippen, niet te zagen.
De Safe wordt standaard geleverd met 2 hangsloten en een 1.5 meter lange ketting van staal 80; schakels 7 mm. dik. Garantie ( behalve hangsloten ): levenslang. Ook leverbaar met SKG gecertificeerde hangsloten.
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SecurityCode stainless steel. Top quality at ? 300 per 25 pcs.
Top quality 1.0 mm black stainless steel plates permanently marked with your company logo and text. Suitable for top-class laptops and notebooks. Elegant and strong. Price per logo € 100.
Cable6 - special primary school design. Cheaper by the dozen. ? 1 = ? 1,19 !
Met ons nieuwe topprodukt - Cable6 speciaal voor basisscholen - worden de systemen beveiligd met een 6 mm. staalkabel, Chroom Nikkel stalen ( RVS ) eindstukken die met ca. 80 ton op de kabels geperst worden en een degelijk hangslot. De kabel is onvergelijkbaar veel beter bestand tegen een betonschaar dan welke concurrent dan ook.
Een nieuwe, 9.4 mm. dikke, staalkabel. Roestvrij stalen eindstukken die met ca. 130 ton op de kabel zijn geklemd. Deze zijn, evenals de kabel, zeer goed bestand tegen een betonschaar! leverbaar in beige of zwart en in elke lengte i.v.m. kostenbesparing ( zie maatwerk) Uitsluitend in combinatie met Mulder Vreeswijk roestvrij stalen ankerpunten.
Ultra Heavy Duty security of a TFT monitor; Custom work
De verzekering eiste een zware-maar de klant wilde een klantvriendelijke beveiliging! Wij leverden de ketting Chain7 en het anker ChainCase6/7-60 gespoten in de passende RAL kleur. Meerprijs 5 euro per meter. Net zo enorm sterk maar niet aggressief. WEL van buitenaf gezien!
DesktopSafe UNI ultra heavy duty
een ruime standaardkast waar bijna alle PC's in passen. Uit voorraad leverbaar. Deze veiligheidskasten worden vervaardigd van 3 mm. dik, matzilver parelgestraald, roestvrij staal. Zeer fraai en buitengewoon sterk. Aan de voor- en achterzijde wordt de kast afgesloten met een 8 mm. dikke zilverstalen staaf met daarop geklemd een CabLock8. Zilverstaal is een soort gereedschapsstaal; niet te knippen en niet te zagen. Een CabLock bestaat uit 2 RVS platen van 4 mm. dik die met 4 zeer speciale machine-schroeven op de centrale staaf worden geklemd. Niet te zagen, niet te knippen; zelfs een haakse slijper heeft hier moeite mee! Een absoluut superieur slot van eigen vinding. De afgesloten kast wordt aan de zilverstaal staaf vastgelegd met, naar keuze, een Cable9 Hklasse HD, een Chain7 klasse EHD, of een Chain10 met SecuBolt klasse UHD. Een nagenoeg 100% beveiliging van PC en data waarbij de kast met PC toch mobiel blijft!!
SKG Certificates

In 2005 hebben wij nu een 15-tal beveiligingen gecertificeerd in de SKG Klassen Licht* (11), Zwaar**(4) en Extra Zwaar*** (2).

SKG is de instantie die certificaten afgeeft voor de beveiligingsdelen voor bijv. het  Politiekeurmerk Veilig Wonen. Toonaangevend in Europa.

UniLock Pro *** desk, wall, or table anchor
U boort een 6 mm. gat in het bureau of tafel. U monteert het UniLock met een 6 mm. bout, moer en sluitring. Voor een luttele € 8 hebt u een fraai, onopvallend en onkwetsbaar UHD anker!. Hierdoor leidt u een Cable9 of ProLine kabel; zelfs kunt u - met een LockV of VI tot 3 kabels vastleggen. Of een aantal kettingen Chain7 of Chain10. NOOIT MET EEN HOUTSCHROEF MONTEREN!
Our fast-curing adhesive passes Extra Heavy Duty SKG test***
Zwaar kunststof breekt in stukken; staalplaat verfrommeld maar het RVS anker houdt stand!
SecurityCode UD M2M
This high-quality vinyl sticker is very difficult to remove (only tiny pieces come off). Not as good as SecurityCode, but very suitable for the quick marking of regular hardware. Including large "THEFT PREVENTION" stickers. From 1000 pcs € 0.30 per piece.
Protect your garden furniture with Mulder Vreeswijk anchoring solutions
Protect your expensive garden furniture with our unique anchoring soloution: 5 meter 9.4 mm Cable9 with a high-quality padlock. € 50.00 will guarantee your valuable furniture stays in your possession. A local golf club chose the Weissgard procedure stainless steel Chain7 method for their expensive teak furniture.
Computer screw lock
Suitable for UNC 32 lockable computers. By replacing one screw with this Compaq screw your computer is protected against unauthorized opening with any regular piece of equipment.
Prices: 100 pcs at € 0.50 per pcs; 500 pcs at € 0.30 per piece; 1000 and more at € 0.20 per piece. Only available with Mulder Vreeswijk!
ComputerHang; strong and handsome anchoring cabinet to hang your desktop or tower under your desktop
This sheet steel 37 cabinet provides a strong and out-of-sight anchoring solution for computer units under the desktop. Optionally protected with a cable or chain inside the cabinet. Price € 55.00 euro. With a minimum order of 20 pieces custom-made and beige or black powder coated.
SecurityCode WorldWide UD stickers, including free internet registration
This high-quality vinyl sticker is quickly and easily applied, but very difificult to remove (only tiny pieces come off). Including as many large "THEFT PREVENTION" stickers as you need. 1000 stickers or more at € 0.30 per piece. With large orders, optional company text line, sequential numbering and free choice of colour.
Chain10 Secubolt; the most superior security solution
De SecuBolt maakt het mogelijk om de zware 10mm kettingen met elkaar te verbinden of te lussen. De centrale staaf van zilverstaal is 8 mm. dik en 10 cm. lang. Zilverstaal is een soort gereedschapstaal en is buitengewoon hard; niet te zagen of te knippen. Een CabLock 8 wordt met 4 speciale machineschroeven op de centrale staaf geklemd. Losslaan/-hakken is niet mogelijk. Met de juiste sleutel + extra hulpstuk ( niet getoond - informatie alleen aan klanten ) kunt u het slot in ca. 30 seconden openen. Een gecertificeerd hangslot van deze sterkte is buitengewoon duur en vaak onhandig ( discusslot ). Een CabLock bestaat uit 2 RVS platen van 4 mm. dik die met 4 zeer speciale machine-schroeven op de centrale staaf worden geklemd. Niet te zagen, niet te knippen; zelfs een haakse slijper heeft hier moeite mee! Een absoluut superieur slot van eigen vinding.