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The economic benefits of durable articles:
1) The proper gluing of one (1) anchor plate takes at least 3 minutes; the clicking in place of a TFTClip ca. 10 seconds. Compared to an hourly wage of EUR 30 you save almost EUR 2 per anchor and ca. EUR 4 per system!
2) No professional skill required and everybody can work in his own pace.
3) You don’t run the risk of drying glue, bad adhesion or wasting expensive glue.
4) After having glued an anchor you need to wait for at least 15 minutes before running the security cable through. Mounting the TFTClip and the running through of the cable are two consecutive activities.
5) Ergo, this is a one-off investment. Once glued anchor plates are not reusable, which makes your economic benefits even greater in the long run!

For our SecurityCode marking plates we are switching to 0.5 mm material thickness instead of 1.4 mm. To apply them you need only a fraction of the amount of 2 component glue you needed before.