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Permanent marking

We offer several permanent marking solutions. Each solution has its own specific benefits.
The ´from´ prices apply to simple markings in large quanities!


 Ultra Destructible stickers   From € 0,60

SCWW Sticker UD M2M    Ultra Destructible Vinyl Asset Label     

For low-priced, high-quality, and high-speed marking of hardware. The sticker can only be removed in tiny pieces.


Branding   From € 2,50


By means of a branding machine         CO2 laser branded. Perfect result!
Burned in with a ´traditional´ burning head.



CO2 lasering     From € 0,85


Colours for internal and external use:

Gravoply Ultra color Gravolase Metallics

With our CO2 lasers ´anything´ goes!


Etching     From € 1,25


Clearly noticeable and permanent                      We deliver the template, so you can etch.


Engraving    From € 1,00


Today, the regular work is performed with the CO2 laser. This is quicker and therefore cheaper. For DEEP engraving special materials and wood our MultiCams engraving machines are the most suitable by far!


Sublimation techniques   Prices on request


Full colour printing on aluminium, glass, wood, ceramics, mouse pads, table mats, placemats etc.


Glue on vinyl plates Prices on request


For more detailed information, don't hesitate to contact us.