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Centre for Value Safes
Fluitenkruidhof 8, 3417 RD Montfoort, The Netherlands
A neutral list of almost 150 value safes:
De Raat,, MobiSafe, Mulder Vreeswijk, SecuPlus, Steelbag en Steelit.
Filing Cabinets, Car Safes, Macbook protection, Fire-resistant Eurosafes, Fire-resistant Filing Cabinets with Drawers, Fire-resistant Datasafes, and other Fire-resistant Safes, Computersafes, Eurosafes, Privat safes, Computer and Laptop Safes, Till and Money Deposit Safes, Laptop Cases, Rolling Laptop Bags, Laptop Cabinets, Laptop Safes, Wall Safes, PC Safes, Portable CarSafes small, Floor Safes, Hotel Safes, Key Safes and Management Solutions, Weapon Safes.
This is NOT a webshop! Although some products overlap, they each have their own individual benefits! We recommend you take your time to compare the products and ask for advice before buying.
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indestructible marking
Laptop & Flat screen
Main office in Holland:
Tel. 0031 6 5142 6544
Mulder Vreeswijk BV
Computerschutz Deutschland BV

Fluitenkruidhof 8  3417 RD  Montfoort
Die Niederlande  The Netherlands  Holland
Mobile 0031 6 5142 6544

7 x Permanent marking with free Internet registration.
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Ultra destructible stickers / branding / CO2 lasering / etching / engraving / sublimationtechniques / glue on vinyl plates

VdS certificates of our security articles
VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH
Ein Unternehmen des Gesamtverbandes der Deutschen Versicherungswirtschaft e.V. (GDV)
Durable, re-usable, environment-friendly, sustainable products:
Standard, Mulder Vreeswijk switches to stainless steel products with unlimited durability and reusability. No need to use glue or recycle.

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Good, cheap & fast
Security Systems / Catalogue

 sets  custom-made

DURABLE security of PCs, TFTs, beamers, etc. Full compliancy with SKG* standard MARSH/Aon/VNG guidelines. See links. Only applies to primary schools, directly or via the municipality. DURABLE security of laptops; MARSH accepted.

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All durable materials for the security of (1) piece of hardware € 24
All durable materials for the security of (2) pieces of hardware € 29

  • Prices are excl. vat and cost of freight, but inclusive the regular discounts for educational institutes.
  • Costs can be notably lower if our Mulder Vreeswijk custom work system is applied (up to 3 pieces of hardware to 1 one cable) !!
    Click the 'custom work' button for more information and illustrations.
  • Mounting our security items is a piece of cake, but if you do need our help we charge € 40 per hour, house call costs from € 25.
If VdS certification is required, all prices + 10%.
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Our catalogue contains extensive details of all types of security, components and standard sets. Customers are offered advice, free of charge and without obligation. To fulful your security requirements at the most favourable price, Mulder Vreeswijk BV offers customized solutions in consultation with you. Usually contact will take place by telephone, fax or e-mail. In the event of a major project, we would be happy to advise you personally at your premises.

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Current issues & Developments

Certificates with a quality mark

After years of preparation we are proud to announce that our security products have obtained VdS Schadenverhütung quality mark in Germany. VdS is the leading institute in the world in this field.
In the Netherlands, we have obtained the SKG* quality mark since 2004.

   Verband der Sachversicherer
VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH.

Our German VdS certificates.

VdS Anerkannungsnr. M 109303 Klasse I
Wegnahmesicherung - Klasse I Cable9:

Cable9 Standard, Cable9 2/noose, Cabletrap9, CabLock8, BW Padlock E40, UniLockPro, UniLock Büro, TFTClip9 45°. TFTClip9 90°, VESABlock9, NavigationGuard, CableClip 9/7, Anchor9/L, Anchor9Design.

VdS Anerkannungsnr. M 109304 Klasse I
Wegnahmesicherung - Klasse I Cable12:
Cable12 Standard, BW Padlock E50, Anchor12/90°, TFTClip12/45, TFTClip12/90, CableCase 12.

VdS Anerkannungsnr. M 109307 Klasse I
Wegnahmesicherung - Klasse I LaptopSafe:
Mit Cable9, Cable12, Chain7, CableClip9, CableClip12, BW Padlock E50.

VdS Anerkannungsnr. M 109308 Klasse I
Wegnahmesicherung - Klasse I LaptopSecurityFrame:
Mit 2 x CabLock und codierten Schrauben.

VdS Anerkannungsnr. M 109309 Klasse I
Wegnahmesicheung - Klasse I ComputerCase:
Mit Cable9, Cable12, Chain7, Chain10, 2 CabLocks, CableClip9/7, CableClip12, BW Padlock E50.

VdS Anerkannungsnr. M 109305 Klasse II
Wegnahmesicherung - Klasse II Chain7:
Mit ChainCase7, SecuBolt oder BW Padlock R50.

VdS Anerkannungsnr. M 109306 Klasse III
Wegnahmesicherung - Klasse III Chain10:
Mit Anchor10/UHD10, SecuBolt oder ABUS Padlock

DURABILITY instantly offers interesting financial benefits:
- mounting is much faster than gluing: mounting takes seconds, gluing takes minutes
- mounting is a one-man job and does not require any particular skill
- the cable can be fixed instantly (no loss of time)

- gluing must be done accurately, so no risk of reduced security
- too sharp pricing (often) results in TIME = MONEY!
Check out our client list; our latest thousands of orders were mostly DURABLE.