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Since 1995, Mulder Vreeswijk BV has designed all its security products based on practical experience and not seldom in consultation with its clients.

How did the burglar operate and what the result?
Standard security is often no more than an apparent security. Simple tools and little force are all that is needed to break them. A computer with an anchor points that doesn't hold because of insufficient bonding between metal and varnish provides little security. Cable security on expensive hardware in a risky area is likely to be insufficient too, because cables can be cut.

Mulder Vreeswijk BV is proud of its products. Reactions like: 'it will probably all be stolen anyway' are not acceptable. Clients must get as much security as possible.

Therefore Mulder Vreeswijk anchor points for PCs, laptops, TFTs, cable ends, desks and walls are exclusively made of stainless steel (CriNi steel). Costly, but the best.

Our impact-resistant 2 component Araldit 2021 adhesive is also used to chemically bond the vanes of the German VESTAS windmills that windstand enormous and abruptly changing windforces. It doesn't come cheap, but it is by far the best and userfriendliest product. Contrary to competive products, Mulder Vreeswijk uses Araldit 2021 for its light-duty security as well.

Due to the fact that Mulder Vreeswijk BV invents many of the products sold and our low overhead costs, we are able to sell at reasonable prices. Better still, our free and free of obligation advice ofter results in far better security at a much lower price per unit.

Happy to advise you,

Frits Mulder
Frits Mulder, founder, and the Mulder Vreeswijk team