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In this niche of the market, the standard durable security of computer and all other theft-sensitive hardware, Mulder Vreeswijk BV probably is the largest organisation in the world with 3x FTE, and 5 independent workers without staff on demand.

Our vision
The use of effective SKG certified security prevents theft of theft-sensitive hardware and ultimately results in less replacement hardware having to be produced. 

Mulder Vreeswijk BV
/ /
Computerschutz BV
meet over 85% of security demands by producing durable products. 

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Corporate Social Responsibility / Durability for SMEs

First a short outline of the environmental and cost-related aspects of durable security:

After its establishment in 1994,

Mulder Vreeswijk BV
started its business in 1995 as dealer of a well-known brand of physical computer security solutions for PCs, laptops and other theft-sensitive hardware. In order to keep investments as low as possible, especially for the benefit of non-vat liable primary schools,

Mulder Vreeswijk BV
started its business in 1995 as dealer of a well-known brand of physical computer security solutions for PCs, laptops and other theft-sensitive hardware. In order to keep investments as low as possible, especially for the benefit of non-vat liable primary schools, MV successfully developed the made to measure system in 1996. This system enables 20 - 40 % lower security costs without yielding the security level and material use. In the course of the years, several existing products were modified, made in a more robust type, and market as ‘unlimitedly reusable’.

In 2004, MV developed the TFTClip and received patents for it in 2005. The TFTClip is a universal and unlimitedly reusable durable anchor point for i.e. beamers, PCs and TFT monitors.

Early 2006, it was decided to switch to durable security of SKG* class and/or in line with the  ´security guidelines for PO/VO school´ of Aon/Marsh/VNG. Mounting this type of security is incredibly easy compared to gluing anchor plates which should be carried out by professionals and often involves the (sometimes considerable) loss of an aggressive 2-component glue inside the plastic mixers due to early hardening of the glue. Unprofessional gluing appeared to result in the loss of the contents of a full double spray gun containing 78 grams of small chemical waste.

In 2006 and 2007, to be able to produce the marking plates required in the ´PO/VO guideline´, Mulder Vreeswijk purchased CO2 lasers which reduced the amount of waste material compared to mechanical engraving methods from ca. 1% to 0.2%.
We started using 0.5 mm instead of 1.4 mm plates, thus reducing material use with 60% and in the long run producing less plastic waste material. The thin plates are glued with fluid CA glue instead of thick 2 component glue which resulted in 30 – 50% less small chemical waste. In addition, the small chemical waste type of packaging of the CA glue is much lighter and smaller than the 2 component glue packaging – less than 10%!

Our calculations demonstrated that in term and per year an average municipality with 15 primary schools would produce ca. 73 kg and 5.35m3 less small chemical waste.  Besides this benefit, hardware security has a corporate social responsibility aspect, too. Less hardware being stolen means less replacement hardware needed.

Investment-wise, the time required for mounting (seconds instead of minutes) included, durable security is often cheaper than traditional security. Naturally, this is even more beneficial in the long run.

1) Staff
œ We prefer to hire staff resident in the area of our company. The average travelling distance to work currently is 7.2 km (one-way trip).
œ We welcome and stimulate teleworking and part time work.
œ Over the past 3 years, we have helped 6 people getting out of their disadvantaged situation (unemployed, invalidity benefit, sickness benefit, redundancy pay) and into a permanent job either part time or full time, within our organisation or somewhere else.
2) Work
œ In weekly meetings, we discuss whether our staff is still satisfied with their current tasks and or discuss any improvements if necessary. 
3) Work conditions
œ All machines are secured against erroneous operation.
œ All chairs, computer arrangements and TFTs comply with the occupational safety regulations. Climate and lighting settings are up to standard.
œ In 2007, sick leave was 2.5% (at the average staff age of 55 years).

4) Employment relationship
œ We actively maintain our personal relationships.
œ If a problem arises, this will be noted and solved immediately, either in a facilitary way or by improving communication levels.
œ The management is always open to criticism.
œ The commitment and say of our staff has considerably increased corporate performances.

5) Work conditions
œ We strive for flexible working hours, personal development, and proper pay. 
œ We strive for maximum freedom in the performance of ones tasks.  
œ Our motto is “everyone has his/her own small company within the larger organisation”
6) Social security
œ For optimal social security, our pensions have been arranged in a company pension fund (Mn).
œ Mulder Vreeswijk’s security levels are such that long-term sickness or calamities do not affect the corporate continuity.
7) Recruitment and selection
œ We recruit within our own local area as much as possible.

œ We select first and foremost on:
1) motivation and sense of commitment
2) client friendliness
3) know-how and skills
œ Age, gender, or ethnicity are irrelevant.
œ Training takes place in-company by our own staff.
œ In view of our growing business in Germany, we offer our staff German language courses.
œ The nature of our business is such that we are unable to hire physically or mentally disabled staff.
8) Integrity
œ  Within limits, handling private matters in office hours is permitted, provided

Mulder Vreeswijk BV
is not harmed in any way.

Mulder Vreeswijk BV
is not harmed in any way.

œ Our vision and business operation principle is based on mutual trust. In 2004, when we were forced to arrest the management summarily due to severe dishonesty and misuse to trust, it appeared that ‘freedom in restraint’ is a luxury not everyone is able to withstand.

9) Open culture and freedom of speech
Everyone is free, and even ‘obliged’ to report abnormalities to the management, even when this concerns functioning of the management itself.

10) Long-lasting relationship with suppliers and feedback

Mulder Vreeswijk BV
prefers focusing on quality, reliability and continuity of its suppliers instead of low purchase prices.
œ We have long-lasting relationships with a small group of suppliers which works to mutual benefit.
œ Violation of trust by one of our suppliers once resulted in a permanent goodbye.

Mulder Vreeswijk BV
prefers focusing on quality, reliability and continuity of its suppliers instead of low purchase prices.
œ We have long-lasting relationships with a small group of suppliers which works to mutual benefit.
œ Violation of trust by one of our suppliers once resulted in a permanent goodbye.

11) Durability and clients
All of our own security products up to and including the SKG* and Marsh/Aon/VNG items are standard durable type.
œ We advise clients on price/quality ratios, our motto is: ‘the best security level for the lowest investment price’.
œ In 1995, Mulder Vreeswijk introduced a standard system called ‘made to measure for educational institutes’. Due to this system a 20% - 40% reduction in material is often required to obtain equal security levels.
œ If required, we can visit your site for advice. If you want our advice quicker, you can use the 3 modules in our online catalogue. After having inserted your data we will advise you by telephone, or e-mail.
œ Mulder Vreeswijk B.V. has a comprehensive online product catalogue which is always up to date. Paper (outdated!) versions of our catalogue are banned.
œ Apart from 3 direct mailings per year, we no longer print our information. Practically all communication occurs by e-mail.

12) Manufacturing and recycling
œ In 2006, Mulder Vreeswijk B.V. partly switched from mechanical engraving techniques to CO2 laser techniques in 2007. Laser technique saves a lot of refuge and produces a much finer result enabling us to lower our prices.
œ Engraving produces ca. 1 % of refuge, while a CO2 laser needs fresh carbon filters once per year and loss is less than 0.2%.
œ Over 96% of the products we sell are supplied by Dutch suppliers who work in accordance with the Dutch quality standards.
œ Almost 100% of the raw material required for our products are purchased from European organisation, only very few materials are purchased in Japan.
œ Due to our long-lasting relationships and 10 plus years of experience we can safely conclude that our suppliers are good, reliable and client-oriented.
œ All our products are delivered in an environmentally friendly manner. Small orders are sent in envelopes, larger orders in boxes, and bulk orders are sent unpacked. We never use showroom packaging, extra plastic, paper or carton.
œ If articles should ever become obsolete, Mulder Vreeswijk B.V. will ensure free of charge environmentally friendly recycling. In practice and in view of their unlimited reusability articles will almost always be sold for reduced prices again.
13) Complaints handling
œ Was and is still essential in our business, although serious complaints hardly ever occur. Each complaint is dealt with within 1 day, and solved within 1 week. After all, an unhappy customer is an ill customer we may loose!!
œ We adjust our security product to adjusting hardware. This way we prevent complaints caused by unsuitable standard anchors.

14) Corporate social responsibility on a regional level
œ Mulder Vreeswijk B.V. sponsors region-related activities.
œ Our budget for this is 1% of our sales volume.

15) Environment – energy consumption
œ Our (rented) company building has been provided with floor and roof insulation as well as air conditioning by means of a sophisticated control system based on water temperature at our own expenses.
œ Indoor lighting is strictly functional and has been provided with individual switches to lighten sections of the production hall.
œ Our industrial vehicles are bought based on criteria such as fuel consumption and CO2 emission.

œ Our delivery van has been provided with a soot filter.

16) Environment – raw material
œ For the production of Mulder Vreeswijk B.V. products, we only use durable materials.
œ If materials are equally strong but one material’s mass is lower and its price higher, Mulder Vreeswijk B.V. will always choose the lightest product with the leas mass.
œ The production of security cables occurs without the use of glue.
œ Left-over cable or chain is not considered waste material. Only ca. 4% of engraving material is waste material, which involves parts too small to be used.
œ The quantity of glue purchased equals the quantity required for production. This eliminates the risk of product ageing and dumping as small chemical waste.
17) Environment – waste   
Examples of (potential) savings for primary schools:
œ In June 2006, for its security solutions of the SKG* category and in accordance with the  Management Risk Program ´Guidelines for Educational Institutes Primary and Secondary Education´ by Aon/Marsh/VNG, Mulder Vreeswijk B.V. completely switched to durable products.
œ Before this, like other suppliers still do, the anchor points were glued onto the hardware with 2-component glue.
œ This required ca. 0.025 gram of glue per cm2, or ca. 1 gram per unit – PC + TFT monitor.  
œ For an average district with 15 primary schools and 40 units per school this meant 600 grams of glue. Including the loss of glue due to premature hardening this meant over 1 kg of glue = small chemical waste.

More small chemical waste per average district produced by primary schools:
œ The mixers required to mix the glue: an average of 1 mixer per 10 units =  300 cm3 of plastic with glue.
œ The sizable double spray guns: an average of 1 per 20 units = ca. 1.5 kg. and 1200 cm3 plastic with glue.
œ redundant anchor points (see explanation below). Per year ca. 12 kg. of steel or plastic with glue residues.
œ Thinner marking plates and glue (see explanation below). For 1200 marking plates: 0.12 m3 of plastic and glue.
œ Anchor points to be replaced: in the long run, loss of glued anchor points when hardware is replaced; ca. 100 gram per unit.
œ An average district could save at 60 kg of waste with an average of 12 kg per year.
œ Thinner marking plates: last year, for the Aon/Marsh/VNG anti-theft marking of hardware (2 per unit) Mulder Vreeswijk B.V. switched from 1.4 mm to 0.5 mm plates and from thick  2-component to thin quick dry glue.
œ For our production volume of 1,00,000 plates with an average size of 20 x 50 mm. = 1,000,000 mm3, we save an annual m3 of glue and plastic!
œ We may be the biggest supplier in this field, but we are not the only one. The amount of small chemical waste on a national level is an estimated 4 m3.
18) Environment - efficient use of material
œ Purchasing of durable material in bulk.
œ Purchasing of non-durable glue in small quantities to prevent waste of dried in glue.
œ ‘Waste’ is formed by very small quantities of excess engraving material; reusable remains are used for small orders.
œ Cables and chains are never discarded as waste.
œ Steel, stainless and spring steel is recycled 100%.

19) Facilitary process – durably accommodating
œ See item 15). Our rented accommodation is robust, its energy consumption level has been adjusted at our own expense.

20) Facilitary process – transportation management
œ For each delivery a calculation is made – either use our own means of transport or send by regular mail.
œ In principle, speeding tickets etc. are at the expense of the driver.
œ Each employee has a choice: a company car in accordance with the legal requirements on fuel consumption and CO2 emission, or private car against 19 ct/km for commuting and business kilometres.

21) Facilitary process – tele-working

œ Employees are offered the opportunity to work from home and prevent traffic jams.

22) Facilitary process – durable purchasing
See item 16)

23) Corporate strategy – economic vision and goal
œ Delivering the best products against fair prices and if possible either maintain price levels or reduce them.
œ Discovering new markets where these products are unknown or undelivered yet, thus spreading this Dutch expertise over an international market.

24) Corporate strategy – environmental vision and goal
œ Delivering durable products against the lowest prices in the long run.
œ Discovering new markets where these products are unknown or undelivered yet, thus spreading this Dutch expertise over an international market.
25) Corporate strategy – social vision and goal
œ Mulder Vreeswijk B.V. offers a pleasant and diverse work environment where less successful (female and male) candidates too, find employment either with us or elsewhere.
œ If a new employee with Mulder Vreeswijk B.V. works below his former level, Mulder Vreeswijk B.V. will offer full support to help this employee find this level of work elsewhere, even when this is not in our interest. This also applies to employees who could improve themselves elsewhere.

26) Corporate strategy – core values vision and goal
œ (International) growth through innovation
œ Continuing attention for an even better price/quality ratio.
œ Pre- and after sales to improve our level of perfection.
œ Committed personnel:
-        Motivated.
-        Client-oriented
-        Maintaining pleasant work atmosphere

-        ‘Own boss’ attitude
-        Resistant to ´freedom in restraint´
-        Knowledge and skill

27)  Corporate strategy – durable market opportunities
œ Excellent on a national and international level: profit for our clients: 
The economic benefits of durable SKG* security:
1) The correct gluing of (1) anchor plates takes at least 3 minutes; clicking on a TFTClip takes ca.10 seconds. With a € 30 salary per hour, this saves you at least ca. € 2 per anchor = almost € 4 per unit!
The SKG* certificate does not apply if gluing instructions are neglected!
Gluing instructions fit on half a page; TFTClip mounting instructions take ONE line of text:
“Click the hooks into the Kensington hole, join them, slide the hinge over and slide through the cable”.
2) No specific skills are required for mounting and everyone can work in his/her own pace. (gluing should occur quickly and without interruptions).
3) There is no risk of hardening glue or bad connections and/or having to through away expensive glue. With gluing you need at least 2 people to prevent this.
4) PLUS: After gluing an anchor, you need to wait at least 15 minutes before sliding through the security cable. Mounting a TFTClip and sliding through a cable can occur without interruptions.
5) As mentioned in the above, our security options are a one-off investment. Glued anchor plates (ca. € 14 per unit) can not be reused.

Sometimes non-durable security items, including mounting, are offered (too) cheap. Beware that in these cases the time-consuming gluing process of the anchor plates is rushed off. Clients may think they are secure, but in fact they are not, because the anchor plates come off easily!
œ Profit and growing sales volumes for us – the increasing importance of and attention for durable products.