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M:II Cables and chains
computer security theft prevention - window sticker Order as many THEFT PREVENTION stickers as you need
Let burglars know what they are up against inside and they will try their luck elsewhere. This saves you the damage caused by the break in and the devastation ouf of frustration they leave behind.
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Netherlands and Belgium:
All SKG labelled security products meet the requirements set out by the
Stichting Kwaliteit Gevelbouw and

Other countries:
All "VdS anerkannt" labelled security products meet the requirements set out by
VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH

The SKG and VdS security products are different type products! The pictures shown here are “VdS anerkannt”.

MobileSafetyCable9 MobileSafetyCable9
€ 60.00

Solid security for scooters.

From your seat, so without having to stand up, the driver can easily secure his scooter by looping a 12 mm. steel cable with very solid German 8 mm. padlock to a fixed point. Neither cable nor padlock can be cut through. Padlock and steel cable are approved in the Netherlands (SKG*) and Germany (VdS). € 50 excl. vat.

Cable3 SecurityKit. Aluminium end. Cable3 SecurityKit. Aluminium end.
€ 225.00
Especially for hospital piketkamers, but also very suitable for any small hardware that you don't want to be stolen. No real security device. 
Cable6 6 mm 100 cm. Stainless steel ends. Cable6 6 mm 100 cm. Stainless steel ends.
€ 10.00
German/Dutch top quality product. All Cable6 cables are provided with a transparant plastic coating. In line with the VNG/Marsh/Aon 'guidelines for educational institutions'. The strongest in its class by the stainless steel ends. Available in any length. Extra price per 0.5 m. € 2.50. Incl. stainless steel cable clip SKG* (transparant coating).

Cable6-1/Noose. Stainless steel end. Cable6-1/Noose. Stainless steel end.
€ 15.00

2 meter, 6 mm cable with (1) aluminium-attached noose.


Cable6-2/Noose. Stainless steel end. Cable6-2/Noose. Stainless steel end.
€ 15.00

2 meter, 6 mm cable with (2) aluminium-attached nooses.


Cable9. Stainless steel ends. Cable9. Stainless steel ends.
€ 12.00

9.4 mm, 100 cm Cable9, top-class quality in Germany and the Netherlands.
Heavy Duty in beige or black. The strongest cable in its class by the stainless steel ends. Available in any length. Extra price per 1/2 meter € 3.00. Incl. stainless steel cable clip SKG*.


Cable9-2/Noose Cable9-2/Noose
€ 25.00

Special 2.5 meter, 9.4 mm, 2 noose cable in black. 


Cable12. Stainless steel ends. Cable12. Stainless steel ends.
€ 30.00
Cable12 Full Steel Black.
Constructie: 7 x 19.; (7) strengen van (19) staaldraden.  Geen touw- of nylonkern.
Netto ca. 10 mm. dik; PVC omspoten tot ca. 12 mm. Kleur ommanteling: zwart..
Chain 7 100 cm. Rust-proof. Chain 7 100 cm. Rust-proof.
€ 18.00

7 mm. steel 80 for high-risk areas.


Chain10 100 cm. Rust-proof. Chain10 100 cm. Rust-proof.
€ 23.00

10 mm links of  steel 80 in accordance with Weissgard. For the highest-risk areas.